Teeth in a Day

Teeth In A Day” is a fantastic, innovative way to transition from complete edentulism or failing teeth to fixed, non-removable teeth mounted on implants, all in one day. Dental implant surgery often requires multiple surgical procedures and numerous visits. However, electing the “Teeth In A Day” procedure, the process is much simpler. The patient first comes to the office for a consult with the oral surgeon and a CT scan. A prosthesis is then fabricated, usually by the referring dentist, followed by the surgical placement of the implants and the fixed teeth. A checkup two weeks after the implant surgery is performed and, several months later, the final bridge is made.

Patients that undergo the “Teeth In A Day” procedure are some of the happiest we treat. They no longer have to have removable dentures and all of the associated problems. They can eat, speak, and enjoy life without the worry of having their teeth move about.

At Oral Surgery Associates and Dental Implant Centers our commitment is to provide excellent care and ensure that the treatment our patients receive is performed with proficiency, precision, and expertise, whether it be “Teeth In A Day” or any oral surgery procedure.