Teeth-in-an-Hourâ„¢ provides you with a fully functioning smile that is stabilized with dental implants. This technology, developed by Nobel Biocare, is used to place dental implants in healthy bone tissue and immediately load them with replacement teeth. The procedure lasts about an hour.

What’s Involved?

Diagram of Teeth-in-an-Hour, a service provided in Atlanta by the board-certified specialists at Oral Surgery Associates & Dental Implant Centers.


  • An evaluation of your medical and dental history is completed to determine if you’re a candidate for this technique.
  • Digital impressions of your mouth are used to make your replacement teeth in advance of implant surgery.
  • A 3-D scan of your jaw is taken to determine the best location for each implant.
  • A surgical guide is used for precise placement.
  • After implant placement, your prosthesis (replacement teeth) is attached.

Benefits of Teeth-in-an-Hour

  • The procedure is completed in about an hour.
  • No incisions are needed.
  • You’ll have less post-operative discomfort, bruising, and swelling.
  • The healing time is faster than with other implant techniques.
  • You can resume normal activities the next day.
  • You’ll have an immediately functioning smile that is aesthetically pleasing.

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