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Athens GA Oral Surgery office

Practice Location Information:

740 Prince Avenue Building 1-A
Athens, GA 30606

Phone: Athens Phone Number 706-549-9711
Fax: 706-549-3799
Email: [email protected]


Monday - Thursday:   7:30am - 4:00pm
Friday:   7:00am - 3:00pm

Read The Reviews For Our Athens Office!

Attentive Oral Surgical Care in Athens

Throughout your visit, we’ll strive to make sure you’re comfortable and all your questions are being answered. We are well-trained and experienced in emergency and acute care, but we don’t just send you on your way. We’ve made it a point be equally versed in long-term care as well, both reconstruction and rehabilitation.

We focus on more than just the physical. Your emotional well-being means just as much. This can be especially challenging during facial trauma. We’re there to help you navigate through the process and make sure you feel good inside and out.

Once you’re back on the path to well-being, we hope you’ll come back and see some of the incredible history that surrounds our area.

Oral Surgery Near Me

Our Athens, GA Oral Surgical center is located in the heart of Athens, which marks the start of Georgia’s Antebellum Trail of historic Civil War towns. In fact, we’re just down the street from the Taylor Grady House, the T.R.R. Cobb House, and the Church-Waddel-Brumby House.

We have strived to provide quality oral and facial surgery to as many people as possible. Our ten locations are placed throughout the greater Atlanta and Athens areas to make sure those who need specialized surgical care can receive it. Our Athens office is located on Prince Ave. between Milledge Ave. and Barber St..

Surgical Expertise in Athens for Extractions

Many Americans avoid the dentist because of a traumatic experience. The idea of having a tooth extracted with a local anesthetic is their stuff of nightmares. Because of that, the trained oral surgeons in our Prince Street location can remove their teeth using anesthesia. That means no pain for the patient.

Athens Dental Implants

While your dentist may be fantastic at creating beautiful dental implant crowns, typically general dentists do not have the expertise to perform the surgery to place the implant. We work hand in hand with other dentists in Athens to ensure proper placement of your implant so, when your healing period is over, you can have the confidence the surgery was done properly and your crown will be secure.

Additional Services Available at our Athens location

Implants and Surgical

See the Sights in Athens

These landmarks let you visit some of the stunning architecture and glimpses of history preserved at each home. All are open to the public. If you’re not spooked easily, you might take a stroll through the nationally recognized Oconee Hill Cemetery. Filled with 19th-century Victorian era cemeteries, ironwork, and statuary.

If history isn’t your thing we’re just a little north of the State of Georgia Botanical Gardens as well as the Georgia Museum of Art. When you’re done with your dental visit, you can enjoy a 313-acre horticultural conservatory with walking paths and programs for both kids and adults. Best yet, it’s free!

Another option is the art museum, which houses over 13 galleries. They’re free to the public and also maintain a library for those more interested in the academic side of art. Like the botanical gardens, it also has programs for children through senior citizens.

Just like Georgia, you’re a work of art and we want to keep you feeling healthy and whole.