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Upcoming Holiday Hours

  • 4/24: All Offices open at 11 AM (Surgeries arriving this day will be instructed what time doors will be unlocked)
  • 5/27 (Memorial Day): All Offices are Closed
  • 7/3: All locations: 7 AM – 3 PM
  • 7/4 (4th of July): All Offices are Closed
  • 9/2 (Labor Day): All Offices are Closed
  • 9/25: All Offices open at 11 AM (Surgeries arriving this day will be instructed what time doors will be unlocked)

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Monroe GA Oral Surgery office

Practice Location Information:

307 S. Broad Street
Monroe, GA 30655

Phone: Monroe Office Phone Number 678-345-1014
Fax: 678-345-1018
Email: [email protected]


Monday - Thursday:   7:30am - 4:00pm
Friday:   7:00am - 3:00pm

Read The Reviews For Our Monroe Office!

Complete Oral Surgery Care in Monroe

Your care, from pre-op through back to normal, is important to us. We don’t just treat the physical. Your emotional well-being throughout the process is a priority. You’ll have excellent care and support. Never hesitate to ask any questions. We won’t move forward until you’re comfortable and understand each step of the process.

Oral Surgery Associates in Monroe

Our Monroe office, located at 307 Monroe Street, is just across the street from E. Church St. and the Monroe Visitor’s Center and down the street from the Walton Center for the Arts. Our central location means we’re easily accessible to everyone throughout the greater Monroe area.

Procedures Available in Monroe

We offer a wide variety of services from routine procedures, like Botox, through advanced facial reconstructions. We also provide dental services such as extractions and dental implants. While many dentists do these services as well, patients often find comfort in having surgeons who regularly perform the procedures.

Whatever the procedure, we want you to have the confidence that you’re being cared for by experts in their field who keep abreast of all advancements and new research data.

Additional Services Available

Implants and Surgical

In the Neighborhood

Just one block away is the Monroe-Walton Center for the Arts. Where there are affordable memberships for families, art classes, galleries, an art guild, and even summer camps. It helps encourage the arts in our area, which helps make Monroe one of the great places to live.

Just a Bit Down the Road

The William Harris Homestead is a nationally recognized historic landmark. The log cabin buiculture1825. There are public and school tours available. One of the highlights of the year is always Heritage Day. They have everything from Native-American culture with reenactments and dancers, militia from the 1700s through the Civil War, and examples and reenactments of everyday life from farming to blacksmithing. There are games and activities for children and lots of food!

Too bad there isn’t a historic dentist at the reenactments. It’s always good to be reminded of how far dentistry has come!