Atlanta Mini Implants

Mini implants are an affordable way to secure your dentures when standard implant fixtures are not an option or not within your budget.

How Do Mini Implants Compare with Standard Fixtures?

Diagram of a standard implant (left) and a mini implant (right) from the office of Oral Surgery Associates & Dental Implant Centers in Atlanta.

Mini implants are 1/3 the diameter of standard fixtures

  • 1/3 the diameter of standard fixtures
  • Surgery is faster and easier
  • Healing time is faster
  • Less expensive—about half of cost of standard implants
  • Much more stable than removable complete dentures, but not as stable as standard implants

When your dentures are secured with mini implants, their function improves, making it easier to speak and eat.

Uses and Benefits

The use of these smaller implants is limited. Unlike standard fixtures, they are not strong enough to support a replacement tooth, but they will support dentures. Four or more of them can stabilize a denture.

When all of your teeth are missing, your jawbone shrinks. In time, your jawbone won’t be able to support a denture. Even these small implants stimulate the bone in the area of the implants and help prevent shrinkage and facial collapse. They help you to continue to wear dentures throughout life and have enough bone density to support them.

Choose Quality over Cost for Mini Implants

Mini implants may be right for your budget, but avoid shopping around for the lowest cost. Dental implant mistakes caused by poor planning or cheap implant fixtures can cost you more money in the long term. Implant mistakes can result in serious complications, including:

  • Infection
  • Loose implant fixtures
  • Nerve impairment
  • Pain

Our board-certified specialists have successfully placed thousands of implants. After ensuring you’re a candidate for this treatment, 3D images of your mouth and bone structure will be used for precise placement of mini implants that will last.

If you are interested in mini implants and improving your experience with dentures, contact us to schedule an examination or a consultation. You will be able to spend a few minutes discussing your concerns and learning about your options. Call us to schedule, or request an appointment online.