Affordable Options for Tooth Replacement

Dental Implants improve the comfort of dentures and prevent them from slipping around and falling out. You can save up to half the cost of standard implants, and you’ll be free from worrying about those embarrassing moments when your dentures won’t stay in place.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed into your jawbone. They are used to replace missing teeth or to secure dentures. Four to six standard implants are ideal for providing maximum support for dentures. But we also offer less expensive alternatives that still support your dentures and are much more comfortable and functional than removable complete dentures.

Our Options

Mini Implants

Diagram of a standard dental implant and a mini implant, for information on affordable dental implants from Oral Surgery Associates & Dental Implant Centers of Atlanta.

A standard implant (L) and a mini implant (R)

Smaller fixtures can be used to stabilize your dentures. These smaller implants are much easier and faster to place.

  • 1/3 the diameter of standard fixtures
  • Less expensive—you can save up to half the cost
  • Less invasive surgery
  • Faster healing time
  • Not as strong – four mini implants are needed to provide stability comparable to two standard fixtures

Snap-on Dentures

Diagram of lower snap-on dentures, for information on affordable dental implants from the Atlanta specialists at Oral Surgery Associates & Dental Implant Centers.

Snap-on dentures are an affordable option for teeth replacement

Although four to six standard fixtures provide maximum stability, snap-on dentures still provide good support. What should you expect?

  • Two standard implants are used
  • The denture base has attachments that snap onto the implants
  • More stable than mini implants but not as secure as four to six standard implants

Benefits of Tooth Replacement

  • The root forms stimulate the jawbone and prevent shrinkage.
  • They also prevent your dentures from resting directly on your gums, putting pressure on the bone, and accelerating shrinkage.
  • They help prevent facial collapse, which occurs when the jawbone shrinks.
  •  Your dentures won’t slip around or fall out. And it will be easier to eat and speak with them.

The Cost of Poor Quality

Some people make the mistake of looking for cheap dental implants as a way to save money. But that’s not what we provide. Our options for affordable tooth replacement are safe, reliable, and of the highest quality—yet less expensive than overdentures that provide maximum support with four to six implants.

Although you can find a dentist who might be willing to take shortcuts to decrease costs, serious complications can occur and result in dental implant failure. Complications can include:

  • Loose fixtures
  • Infection
  • Improper healing
  • Pain
  • Nerve damage

If the implants fail, they will need to be removed and redone, and correcting the issues will cost more time and money.

Request a Consultation

Regardless of the method you choose to support your dentures, our board-certified specialists use 3-D cone beam imaging to accurately plan and place your dental implants. And they use fixtures of the highest quality. If you are interested in affordable ways to support your dentures, call our office to schedule a consultation, or complete our Request an Appointment form.