Zygomatic Implants Atlanta

Rescue Implants for Patients with Severe Bone Loss

If you are a patient that has severe maxillary resorption or jaw bone bone loss, zygomatic implants might be the implants for you. These implants dramatically shorten time-to-teeth to make sure the bone loss can return to a normal quality of life. After a person loses their teeth, the jaw bone also gets lost over time. When you have a denture, this can place pressure and cause more progressive bone loss. Down the road this can cause severe bone loss and can make the denture no longer fit. Some traditional implants may not be an option if the bone loss is this severe. The Zygoma implants were developed by Nobel BioCare especially for these types of cases.

Who Is A Candidate for Zygomatic Implants?

They are designed to support restorative procedures and are used mainly in our Teeth-in-a day or All- on-4 cases to support an over denture. This allows the eligible patient to have a fixed provisional prosthesis fitted immediately after surgery, avoiding multiple surgeries, and the healing time required with bone grafting. They were designed to be placed in the mouth and into the cheek bone (zygoma bone) which sits above the upper jaw (maxilla). The zygoma implants procedure is completed in our office under IV Sedation. In most cases the patient will leave the office with the new teeth attached to the implants. Just like traditional implants these zygoma implants will also need a healing period of a few months until the final set of teeth will be fabricated.